The Boho, the Beach and the Beautiful

No matter how many beach weddings I see, each one still manages to get out a gasp out of me. The boho chic vibe that Simon and Katie’s wedding is exuding is simply elegant, unassuming and yes, breathtaking. MangoRed of course sent this our way and we were delighted to see every bit of it. Our gorgeous bride Katie definitely rocked her Nicole Miller number and beautiful head piece by Johanna Johnson. I loved how everything was white (it never gets old) and that the groom chose a simple gray suit, a basic black tie and TOMS. Not only is it a testament to elegant romance but also to the fact that Boracay will probably always be on our top list of beach wedding spots.

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Photographer: MangoRed / Bride’s Dress: Nicole Miller / Bride’s Veil/Hair Accessories: Johanna Johnson / Ceremony Venue: Boracay / Reception Venue: Discovery Shores Boracay / Makeup Artist: Victor Ortega / Wedding Planner/Coordinator: Amanda Tirol of Boracay Weddings

Yummy, Youthful and Yellow

Since we’ve been having super sunny days lately, I think it would be appropriate to feature a sunshine-filled wedding. With bursts of yellow and an extremely radiant bride, this wedding is everything happy, bright and fun. Another thing to love about this wedding is that the couple, John and Criselle made it a point to show their personalities, exercise their creativity, and maximized their resources to achieve the wedding they’ve always dreamed of.  Key word: FOOD!

From the bride:

From the beginning, we wanted to work on a theme, not just a color theme; but a theme that speaks of us. We are quite opposites. I am more loud and experimental, John is a bit more serious and conventional. John plays golf, I love to sing. I hate sports, he hates dancing and singing. It started as if there was no common thing we both liked until we realized we just had it right under our nose—John and I love going to the market, eating, cooking and exploring new recipes and personalizing them. So we ended up with the kitchen theme.

To start off, we had our engagement shoot in Robinsons supermarket and a kitchen. Our invite was also quite different, I had a friend create the copy for us. The design had pans and aprons and kitchen stuff on it. Our souvenirs were silver spoons and forks and the backdrop we used for our photobooth had scribbles of salt and pepper shakers. Instead of numbering our tables, we named them— each table was named with either a spice or a herb. Even our bridal registry list was full of kitchen equipment! Our cake topper was also a miniature version of us wearing chefs hats while holding a golf club and a microphone.

Church: St. Alphonsus Mary de Liguori Parish / Reception: Manila Polo Club /
 Bride’s Gown: Trends Wedding Shoppe / Custom-made Sleeve: Rob Almerol / Headpiece: Anadema / Shoes: Abbylyns in Cubao Expo / 
Groom’s Attire: Willy Monleon / Bridesmaids: Rob Almerol / Flower Girls: Dress Inn /
Photography: Paul Vincent Photography /
 Videography: Phoeben Teocson / Makeup: Pong Niu / Flowers: Tropical Blooms / Lights and Sounds: Rejectkrew / Music: Manila Philharmonic Orchestra / Cake: Bizu / Cake Topper: Kathleen Ching of Purple Beads / Invitations: Wink

Summer Surreal Sweetness

Some weddings give a feeling of grandeur, some transport you to different eras and some just give you that intimate and relaxed feeling as if you were on a vacation. The latter is what B&B brings to you today. If your ideal wedding is simple yet stylish, Mike and Tricia’s wedding might just float your boat. Set in the Upper Beach Club of Peninsula de Punta Fuego, it was everything pretty. I loved how the colors reflected elements of summer but not necessarily going full blast on the beach mode theme.  Instead it felt like the merging of summer and spring, a formula that can’t go wrong. Ooooh! Love love love! This wedding makes you think resort collection, cruise line and vacationing in Barbados. Now, I feel like hitting the beach!

Kisses x 3!

So long sweet summer…

From the bride:

I’m a doctor taking up my last year of residency in Dermatology and Mike has a business consultancy firm. We met 4 years ago through a common friend at a party during the Christmas season. My family traditionally goes to Baguio after Christmas and our common friend told him. He pretended that it was also his family tradition and told me he was going there too! So for our first date we had breakfast in Baguio. We were together for a year and a half and he popped the question! Coincidentally, the guy who introduced us is a jeweler so he made the engagement ring and wedding bands.

My favorite part of the wedding was the after-party. When we were planning our wedding, we both agreed that our priority was for everyone to have a relaxing and fun weekend. We had the after party at the Upper Beach Club balcony. It was facing the ocean so it was nice and windy that night. Teddy set up day beds and Japanese lanterns in the area for a summery feel. It all started with our first dance and a fireworks display. We had a shooters bar and rockeoke night with the Johnny’s. The guests just went crazy singing and dancing and we partied the whole night! Our wedding was very relaxed and intimate. It was simple and honest and most importantly, it was fun! – just how Mike and I are as a couple!

Church: Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel / Reception: Upper Beach Club, Peninsula de Punta Fuego / Gown: Jun Escario / Groom Suit: JC Buendia / Entourage: Salsatrends by Arleen Sipat / Groomsmen: Mich Araullo / Make up: The Make up Studio / Photographer: Mangored / Videographer: Threelogy / Event Stylist: Teddy Manuel / Wedding Coordinator: Just Like Ours / Cake: Heny Sison / Caterer: Bizu / Choir: Hangad / Band: Johnny’s

Celebrity Wedding: Jojo and Ciara

I grew up loving Fridays, and I’m sure almost all of you did too! Let me just add another reason for you to love today. Some of you might have already seen this in a magazine or another site since it’s a celebrity wedding. But nonetheless, I still couldn’t resist putting it up because it is soooo intoxicatingly gorgeous! Having a clean vintage-retro feel, Jojo and Ciara’s wedding gave a balanced vibe of romance, youthfulness and charm. A palette of lilacs and purples vibrantly painted their celebration. The intimacy of the venue and guest list made the wedding so personal and meaningful. Here’s to a beautiful wedding with beautiful family and friends, and of course a stunningly beautiful bride and groom!

I adore Ciara’s stark white dress. It is elegant, timeless and tasteful.

This cake is too pretty to eat!

Bows, gloves and hats = charm and cuteness!

Wait a minute, if you think we’re done, you are deeply mistaken. I have saved another treat for you. I love love love (love love… just stressing it out!) the wedding video. Not only is this song one of my all time faves, I also can’t believe this is the first time I heard this version with the dramatic instrumentals. One of the prettiest videos I have ever seen indeed.

Ceremony: Manila Polo Club / Photographer: MangoRed / Videographer: Threelogy / Gown: Mich Dulce / Make up: Lala Flores / Flowers: Margarita Fores

King and Queen of Hearts

After that power outage yesterday, I simply couldn’t wait to write again. Contrary to many peoples’ preference, I love rain. But the dark clouds have passed and today we welcome sunshine-filled things, one of them Arthur and Sheilan’s wedding. This is our first Cebu wedding feature and it definitely doesn’t disappoint. A celebration that speaks of romance, drama and a feel of royalty. The elements contributing to the overall feel of the wedding were exquisite. Sheilan, the breathtakingly gorgeous bride pulled of the term “the more, the merrier” with regards to her choice of crystals. The embellishments on her gown and hairpiece created a dreamy, princess-like aura. Don’t fret Arthur, I haven’t forgotten about you! Props to the groom for appropriately choosing a tux that matches his bride’s look. I love so many things about this wedding and I think you will too.

I love the gray gowns of the sponsors. The color, style and fabric reflects Cebu’s artistic culture.

These flower arrangements are so perfect. Tall, lush and pretty always does the trick. I really like the fact that it doesn’t look like your typical wedding arrangement, and was very tastefully done.

Here’s a peek at the couple’s onsite video. The song used was Michelle Tumes’, Lovely. Although I’ve heard this song so many times, it simply never gets old. This one is worth your while!

If Cebu produces weddings as picture-perfect as this, Bride and Breakfast will surely have a feast. Congratulations to you Arthur and Sheilan!

Photography: Nelwin Uy / Makeup: Wenwen Zaspa / Video: MG Digital / Church: Sacred Heart / Coordination: Shirley Grace Ong