Beautiful Boho-chic Bash

It’s not often that I get my hands on an extremely laid-back affair that is overflowing with well-thought-of elements. When Dylan of Vatel Manila pointed me to this couple, my B&B alarm went coocoo. Imagine my glee when I got my hands on all the backyard boho-chic details of Leroy and Bonnie’s wedding, which was shot by MangoRed. I can’t even begin to enumerate everything I adore about it! Let’s see… a gorgeous Ralph Lauren wedding gown (the neckline by the way is amazing!), the super creative invitations wrapped in a printed handkerchief, some too-cute-to-be-true spring-themed boutonnieres, plus a fun and beautiful bride and groom, are just some things that is making us scrap off manic from Monday.

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