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Floral Fancies

Posted by Janna Simpao

One of the most important accessories of a bride is her bouquet. It definitely is something that will show not only her personality but her style as well. I was hopelessly smitten when Dylan of Vatel Manila sent over pictures of these customized and so-gorgeous-beyond-words bouquets. And if there was such a thing as a bouquet do-over, I might just find myself running to them for a little bit of elegant ooomph and understated pizzazz! We’re so glad we can show their impeccable work here at B&B. You’ll be amazed how these floral fancies will tickle your Monday morning.

A little something from Vatel Manila:

Our aesthetic can be described as ‘refined simplicity’. We are not huge fans of production-number weddings that clearly define what event styling is now in Manila. We are fans of small, cozy spaces and for larger events, clean spaces with very minimal details. Every venue is a canvass for us to transform using simple but lovely setups that define you and your personal style.

For now, we are focused on doing entourage flowers more than doing reception or church setups. Over the years, we have striven to produce unique bridal bouquet designs that are never repeated. The design is made for you and you alone. It will not be repeated for another bride.

Vatel Manila is into the SoCal (Southern California) look: fresh, oftentimes loose, airy, feminine arrangements that are full of character and texture. Our bouquets are a marriage of the world’s best flowers and those coming from local flower farms. We strive to strike a balance between meeting the requirements for function & beauty, as well as upholding our duty to support the environment and promoting job creation for Filipino flower farmers.

In doing design, we get our inspiration from abroad where a lot of truly inspired ideas come from. Since there is a tendency for local businesses to copy each other’s works, we feel that there is a need to be unique in every way (an understatement!) and to promote a culture of simplicity and good taste in every aspect of design.

Apart from working on ideas, we also aim to educate. “The biggest challenge of design is to be able to work with your clients whose needs you have to answer. The main work of a designer is to police and polish the client’s style.” (Ito Kish)

We are our own severe judge and taskmaster. We despise stagnation. We try not to follow trends yet still be in fashion. Our raison d’etre is to bring beauty to Philippine weddings. As a huge fan of architecture, we likewise subscribe to the Vitruvian design model: Utilitas, firmitas et venustas. Functionality, Quality, and Impact.

With these things in mind, do know that you’re in safe hands with us.

Photos Courtesy of: Vatel Manila

Bouquets: Vatel Manila


Close to Home

Posted by Janna Simpao

First of all, I want to welcome you to our new home. It’s definitely so exciting to see how Bride and Breakfast has been inspiring many of our readers out there. And now that we’ve moved, we continue to try our best to bring to you the best of the best of all things pretty.

To mark our move, I would like to start of with something very close to home. We’re so ecstatic to announce that our wedding feature in Martha Stewart Magazine is out! It’s such an honor to be asked to share our wedding day to such a respected magazine.

Today I want to share with you more about that special day. Being meticulous about my preferences I decided to be very hands on in the planning and execution. And because I love weddings, I had so much fun doing it. But before I go on and on about the details, here’s a peek at one of the best days of my life.

The white folding chairs give a different vibe and enhances the garden feel of the ceremony.

Who said candelabras can only be used as centerpieces? Having silverware against the greenery gave a formal and classy look to the aisle.

Remember, weddings are only as good as the people you celebrate with. It’s endearing to know that while everyone was seriously listening to the ceremony, these kids took time to goof around.

Add D.I.Y. accessories that will make your wedding look more personalized. Making these flower girl headpieces was one of the best style decisions I made for the wedding. I think they stole the show. But I didn’t mind, I love them.

Always take time to make the wedding reflect who you are. Choosing a color scheme can be tricky. At the end of the day, it’s you who will look back at your pictures. I wanted everything blush pink with hints of muted colors–I never regretted it.

Capitalize on your surroundings. I was thrilled to see the black and white printed tiles of Antonio’s. Because the place in itself was so breathtaking, I needed to put flowers that were not over the top but still exudes beauty and charm.

Here are videos that were shown during our wedding from our photographers Pat Dy & Francis Perez and our videographer Mervin Gobaco.

And because I did most of the talking I want to show you a different angle. I decided to ask someone special share something else about the wedding.

From the groom:

Most grooms let their brides plan everything (and with good reason too)! However, I knew that I wasn’t a normal groom. Call me strange, but I always had a picture of what I wanted my wedding to look like—it’s my day also, not just my bride’s! So from the very start, I was hands-on with all of the wedding details. I realized that Janna and I do complement each other—she’s the visionary and I execute the great ideas she thinks of.

Despite all our preparation, I was still full of trepidation for the events of the day. But the moment I saw the beautiful garden set up for the wedding, I was at peace and I knew everything would turn out right. A lot of grooms cry when they see their brides march down the aisle, and I know Janna was secretly gunning for me to do the same, but all I could do was smile when I saw how stunningly breathtaking the woman I was going to spend the rest of my life was.

Up to the end of the reception when Janna and I were thanking our guests, I still couldn’t believe how beautiful everything turned out to be—even better than I could’ve ever imagined. I guess no matter how much you prepare for “The Big Day”, it’s really God who will make it beautiful. Ecclesiastes 3:11 comes to mind—“Yet God has made everything beautiful for its own time. He has planted eternity in the human heart, but even so, people cannot see the whole scope of God’s work from beginning to end.”

Ceremony and Reception: Antonio’s, Tagaytay / Gown: Monique Lhuillier / Suit: Frederick Peralta / Entourage: Bride / Photographer: Pat Dy / Videographer: MG Digital / Flowers: Flowers Unlimited / Cake: Peachy Juban of Shortcrust / Coordinator: Jojit Dy of Third Party / Invitations: Printsonalities / Make-Up: Robbie Piñera / Hair: Raymond Santiago


Love in Color

Posted by Janna Simpao

This week will be all-wedding pretty for B&B. I can’t help but feel giddy knowing the gorgeous line up of weddings that will be featured in the coming days. Some people find inspiration in music, some in architecture and for some people like you and me, it really just has to be weddings. I even found myself waking up at six in the morning itching to show you this super beautiful wedding of Benjo and Anika.

With the color theme of purple and green this has fun written all over it. 
Veluz has been a popular name for brides this past couple of years. Their attention to detail and fabric makes them a favorite in the wedding industry.

I give two thumbs up for the charming bouquet that gave a spring vibe!

Asking the bride why the wedding reflected her and her husband she answers:

It was simple and elegant. As much as it’s a cliché to say, it really was. I wanted all the frills, but my husband wanted just enough—so we compromised and ended up with such a nice mix of frivolousness and simplicity.

And as for her highlights for the day:

Getting ready—I seriously felt like a queen! I had people shooting my every move; I was sitting in this high chair and getting ready to get dolled up! It definitely felt like a once in a lifetime experience. Of course our vows were meaningful. And another favorite of the day was when we danced to “More than Anyone” by Gavin DeGraw… it was just the perfect song! Lastly, we loved our after party and the band.

Church: San Agustin Church / Reception: Palacio De Maynila / Bride’s Gown: Veluz / Groom’s Attire: Rey Casedo / Entourage: Sonny Boy Mindo, Edward Teng & Rey Casedo / Photography: Paul Vincent Photography / Videography: Phoeben Teocson / Coordinator: Gille Tolentino of 168 Events Management / Makeup: Lanie Acedillo , bride and AnneVida, entourage/ Caterer: Hizon’s / Souvenirs: Poof Photobooth / Flowers: Jo Laguna-Pafin of Love in Bloom / Styling: 168 Flower Company


The Princess Wedding Diaries

Posted by Janna Simpao

There’s nothing like starting your week with beautiful things. “Think happy thoughts” said the wise fairy Tinkerbell. What better occasion to be happy than a wedding? I must admit, I really love writing about these occasions. There are so many things to positively celebrate as well as draw inspiration from. Each wedding uniquely reflects the couple, their love story and the talent that people put in in order to create such masterpieces.

I know all brides have this certain beauty that makes them unbelievably gorgeous on their special day.  The bride Han definitely makes gorgeous an understatement. I love her make-up which was done by the talented Barbi Chan (whose wedding we also featured awhile back—click here to see).

And her gown (absolutely loving the lace detail!) made her look like modern day royalty. I think also the traditonal side of me is biased, I am definitely a ball gown enthusiast. I remember being moved by the words of Mark Ingram, a famous bridal atelier in New York, “Most brides don’t know they want a ball gown type of dress until the slip into one. Then they fall in love.”

Gushing over this textured fabric! Lovely!

The bouquets of the flower girls were simply elegant and clean looking.

Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.

Young, fun and full of  vibrance, the young couple definitely has a lot to look forward to in their new life together. Daddy’s little girl is now a lucky man’s princess.

*Photos courtesy of The 12 Masters Photography and RV Mitra.

Church: Holy Trinity in McKinley, Forbes / Reception: Makati Shangrila Hotel / Photography: The 12 Masters Photography, Mangored, RV Mitra / Videography: Bob Nicolas / Gown : Jun Escario / Entourage Dresses : Richie Ortega / Tux: Jc Buendia / Make-up: Barbi Chan / Flowers and Styling: Robert Blancaflor /  Coordinator: Evangeline Go of Wedding Treasures


It Blue Me Away

Posted by Janna Simpao

So I’m sure a lot of brides-to-be dream of having the spectacular Santorini sunset as their backdrop when they tie the knot. If only it was that easy (not to mention cheap) to have a destination wedding! Well, Eric and Judee may have had this song in mind “It’s my party (wedding) and I’ll cry if (do what) I want to”, as they adventurously opted for a Greece-themed celebration in Cagayan de Oro. It’s bold, BLUE, and beautiful. Key idea for the day: Think out of the box! It saves a lot on airfare.

A themed wedding can be elegantly and tastefully done as long as you have the right people to get you to that vision.

Love the table setting! Love the cake! And I decided my favorite color for the day will be blue.

Church & Reception: Xavier Estates Chapel, Clubhouse / Photography: Nelwin Uy / Gown: Ross Gonzales / Coordination: Badz Castro with special participation of Ernest Pascual / Caterer: Sentro 1850 / Make-Up: Krist Bansuelo / Flowers: Flower Matters / Video: John Marvie de Guzman


Pretty Purple Fever

Posted by Janna Simpao

Whether it be lavender, violet, purple, or other variations of the shade, this royal palette is certainly very popular for 2010. It seems like brides are loving this color, and why wouldn’t they? It is youthful, vibrant and eye-catching! Here’s another wedding that got into the purple fever.

Christian and Erin’s wedding was everything grand! The bride’s gown was full of exquisite detail and of course a big, beautiful skirt.

Celebrations are fun, joyous and full of excitement. However, there are times when the road we take to get there can be bumpy and testing. The bride Erin unfortunately had to come to terms with the painful loss of her father to cancer a few months before the wedding. Ernest Pascual, their coordinator shares: “I know it was a difficult thing to go through for Erin. I decided to surprise her by attaching a locket pendant with a photo of her dad to her bouquet. She carried a memory of him as she walked down the aisle.”

I just love these shots with the pinstripe background! Christian’s tux was sleek and fashionable! Way to go groom!

And yes when I said purple fever, I really meant it!!! Well, in my opinion, it would be senseless to do things half-baked. So Christian and Erin took the “no holds barred” road not-so-often travelled. Badang Rueda translated the vineyard vision into reality. Majestic and lush, you can’t help but feel you’re in a royal banquet!

I know I usually give you something from the bride. But today, I wanted to add in a little twist. Ernest Pascual, one of the in-demand coordinators in the industry shared with B&B his personal experience with this wedding.

I love it when I see the couple’s glow on their wedding. I feel giddy when they get excited even during my presentation of ideas for their wedding. I make it a point to immerse myself getting to know the couple so I could present ideas which are unique at the same time reflective of the their personalities. As mushy as it may sound, I love the way how a client-supplier relationship suddenly turns into a wonderful friendship. Up to this day, I am still in touch with couples, of which, I have coordinated weddings more than a decade ago.

During our meetings I got to know Erin and Christian in a personal level, realizing how simple and easy they were to please. They are just the type of couple whom you want to give more, simply because they appreciate the time and effort to come up with these ideas. When I presented the mock-up of the invitations, they could not stop raving about it and staring at the invitation. The bride’s mom who was around shed a few tears too. Through their wedding, I was reminded of the importance of family. That no matter what happens, your family will be the only thing left with you. My dad, who happens to help me out in my business, is a hardworking man. I took time out after the wedding of Erin and Christian to thank him for all the help he has extended in my business and coming up with details for my weddings.

Photography: Metro Photo / Videography: Jason Magbanua / Make-Up: Madge Lejano / Coordinator: Ernest Pascual / Flowers and Styling: Badang Rueda / Dress: Veluz Reyes / Suit: Edwin Tan / Entourage Dresses: Gretchen Pichay / Cake: Maite Gregorio of Cake Concepts


What Dreams Are Made Of

Posted by Janna Simpao

Are you ready for some delicious eye candy? Well I don’t know about you, but my reaction to gorgeous weddings remain consistent. I usually whisper a soft “wow”, then stare at the photos contemplating what exactly I love about the wedding that caught me in a smittened trance in the first place. For a moment I smile and get that giddy feeling thinking of how amazing it will be to have other people share that experience with me. So come along, join me today (while I sip my iced coffee), and just sit back and take in all the details and richness of this stunningly beautiful formal affair of Vincent and Bernette.

Fave item for this wedding: Definitely the embellished mini cape Bernette put over her amazing gown. It’s elegant, light and extremely pretty! I can’t stop admiring it!

This photo is unbelievable. Drama and class from the hands of Nelwin Uy.

A spectacular and unique gallery welcomed the guests. I love how couples keep coming up with new designs for their galleries. I wonder if it will soon be flat screen TVs mounted in place of the framed photographs. That would be so modern, hip and so techy-trip!

So with that, I bid you adieu! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Church: San Agustin / Reception: EDSA Shangri-La / Event Stylist: Larry Natividad / Makeup: Noel Jimenez / Gown: Richie Ortega Torres / Photographer: Nelwin Uy / Video: Bob Nicolas


Celebrity Wedding: Jojo and Ciara

Posted by Janna Simpao

I grew up loving Fridays, and I’m sure almost all of you did too! Let me just add another reason for you to love today. Some of you might have already seen this in a magazine or another site since it’s a celebrity wedding. But nonetheless, I still couldn’t resist putting it up because it is soooo intoxicatingly gorgeous! Having a clean vintage-retro feel, Jojo and Ciara’s wedding gave a balanced vibe of romance, youthfulness and charm. A palette of lilacs and purples vibrantly painted their celebration. The intimacy of the venue and guest list made the wedding so personal and meaningful. Here’s to a beautiful wedding with beautiful family and friends, and of course a stunningly beautiful bride and groom!

I adore Ciara’s stark white dress. It is elegant, timeless and tasteful.

This cake is too pretty to eat!

Bows, gloves and hats = charm and cuteness!

Wait a minute, if you think we’re done, you are deeply mistaken. I have saved another treat for you. I love love love (love love… just stressing it out!) the wedding video. Not only is this song one of my all time faves, I also can’t believe this is the first time I heard this version with the dramatic instrumentals. One of the prettiest videos I have ever seen indeed.

Ceremony: Manila Polo Club / Photography: MangoRed / Video: Threelogy / Gown: Mich Dulce / Make up: Lala Flores / Flowers: Margarita Fores


King and Queen of Hearts

Posted by Janna Simpao

After that power outage yesterday, I simply couldn’t wait to write again. Contrary to many peoples’ preference, I love rain. But the dark clouds have passed and today we welcome sunshine-filled things, one of them Arthur and Sheilan’s wedding. This is our first Cebu wedding feature and it definitely doesn’t disappoint. A celebration that speaks of romance, drama and a feel of royalty. The elements contributing to the overall feel of the wedding were exquisite. Sheilan, the breathtakingly gorgeous bride pulled of the term “the more, the merrier” with regards to her choice of crystals. The embellishments on her gown and hairpiece created a dreamy, princess-like aura. Don’t fret Arthur, I haven’t forgotten about you! Props to the groom for appropriately choosing a tux that matches his bride’s look. I love so many things about this wedding and I think you will too.

I love the gray gowns of the sponsors. The color, style and fabric reflects Cebu’s artistic culture.

These flower arrangements are so perfect. Tall, lush and pretty always does the trick. I really like the fact that it doesn’t look like your typical wedding arrangement, and was very tastefully done.

Here’s a peek at the couple’s onsite video. The song used was Michelle Tumes’, Lovely. Although I’ve heard this song so many times, it simply never gets old. This one is worth your while!

If Cebu produces weddings as picture-perfect as this, Bride and Breakfast will surely have a feast. Congratulations to you Arthur and Sheilan!

Photography: Nelwin Uy / Makeup: Wenwen Zaspa / Video: MG Digital / Church: Sacred Heart / Coordination: Shirley Grace Ong


Modern Match Made in Manila

Posted by Janna Simpao

When it comes to hair, I tend to stay on the safe side, a classic bun or anything tied. I have great admiration for brides who look good  even without sporting an up do on their wedding day. And wow, this bride really made a statement! From her gown to her accessories to her haircut, I am loving everything. I found myself smiling as I looked at the candid moments captured by the talented Erron Ocampo. If only pictures had sounds, I’m kinda sure I would be hearing laughter, hoots and a cheering crowd. You must see for yourself…

No wonder I loved Denise’s gown, I myself am a huge fan of Amsale. Excellent choice, bride! The headpiece from Lo Boheme makes the outfit look modern, unconventional and fun.

Don’t you think this could totally work as a brilliant ad for oil paper?

Who wouldn’t love a couple as playful as these two?

The bridesmaids looked like pretty tulips against the garden backdrop. Cuteness!

From the bride:

JJ and I are from New York so having the wedding in the Philippines was a huge decision in itself!  Many of our friends have or will be getting married, and none have dared a destination wedding, not to mention one that is all the way on the other side of the world! The wedding was heartfelt and personal to us because we only had 100 guests, which consisted of our closest family and friends. It was a huge blessing to have each and every person there to support and celebrate our marriage with us. Our favorite part of our wedding was definitely seeing all our hard work manifest itself through the venue’s decor and ambiance. While our guests were in a different room for cocktails, our coordinator had us peek through our bridal room window to see the main reception room… and the second we saw it, we were both in awe of how gorgeous it looked! To think that we planned this day for two years, and it came out so beautiful! We loved the dessert buffet setup, especially because we both have sweet teeth. We also wanted a modern but welcoming environment, and instead of a traditional presidential table we opted for a laid back couple’s couch, decorated with lamps highlighting a quirky backdrop. We were so happy with the all of the vendors’ work and talents.

Bride’s Attire: Amsale / Groom’s Attire: Edwin Valerio / Entourage’s Attire: Jay Bari / Hair and Makeup: Jesy Alto and Raymond Ko / Ceremony Venue: St. Francis of Assisi Chapel, Fernwood Gardens / Reception Venue: Fernwood Gardens / Reception Décor and Flowers: Scenta Flora / Wedding Planning and Coordination: Weddings by Victoria / Catering: Via Mare / Wedding Cake: Bizu Patisserie / Invitations: Momental Designs / Photography: Erron Ocampo /  Videography: Threelogy / Souvenirs: Fotoloco