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Basking in the Majestic

Posted by Janna Simpao

This Bali pre-wedding shoot of Aldrich and Sydney captured by Metrophoto has left us lost for words. The beautiful and majestic scenery is just as mind-blowing as it is utterly surreal. Yup, it’s not everyday that you get to celebrate your love against a backdrop this divine and exotic. So, what are you waiting for? Bask in this beautiful story of romance, folks! Everything is perfect, just perfect.

Photographer: Metrophoto


Passions and Pleasantries

Posted by Janna Simpao

I don’t know about you, but I prefer starting my Mondays with something light, fresh and calmingly simple. I know we have a busy week ahead, filled with gorgeous weddings and things. So let me begin the week by sharing with you a beautiful affair. With a tranquil backdrop as a setting, Trant and Hailey’s wedding was perfectly captured by a B&B fave photographer Pat Dy. ┬áBecause his pictures have often found it’s way to our pages, I am not surprised that we have another one today. Watch out for Hailey’s nail art! Pretty cute idea if you ask me.

Pretty wedding, check! Cup of coffee, check! Now on to the rest of the day! Have a great one loves!

Photography: Pat Dy / Location: Ayana Resort, Bali, Indonesia


A Passion Concoction

Posted by Janna Simpao

When Alvin of Mayad Studios contacted me regarding this amazing video, I was squealing with delight. I knew I could expect these guys to take me into an entirely new level of gorgeousness. And I guess they also know I am a fan of their international work.

I honestly dont know where to begin. I am simply head over heels with this concoction of pretty + romance + fairy tale (= a very happy me). Watch/read carefully and be inspired by the beauty of the vows, the wonderful ambience and the extravagantly passionate couple who has love written all over their faces. AMAZING!

Videography: Mayad Studios