An Intimate Outdoor Wedding in Batanes

There’s just something about small and intimate weddings that seem so romantic to me. And Jigs and Rain’s wedding is no exception! Rain’s unique blush-colored gown, her lush bouquet by Bluebarn Flowers & Event Styling, and the simple invites were the standouts that I noticed–but the showstopper for me was the amazing scenery of Basco, Batanes, […]

The Look



Things Brides Wish Were Real During Wedding Planning

The road to the perfect wedding is not a smooth one. One must endure many hardships and obstacles before attaining one’s dream wedding. And even though we know it will all be worth it in the end, don’t you wish something like an indestructible dress spray, or shoes that can be both heels and flats existed? Come […]

Here are 15 of Our Favorite On-Screen Wedding Dresses So Far

While I might see different kinds of wedding dresses everyday, it’s something I just never get tired of. So even when I’m not in the B&B HQ, and I’m at home binge watching all my TV shows, every time one of my favorite characters gets married, not only do I start squealing, but I also […]

Here are 6 Types of Headpieces That You Can Take Inspiration From Based on Your Wedding Theme

You’ve got your wedding theme, check. You’ve got your decor and your stylist, check and check. You’ve got your dress, check. You’ve got your hair and makeup artist, check. But do you still think that you’re missing something? Maybe something that will give you that extra oomph? We know what you’re missing–a headpiece! Headpieces are […]

When Meeting Your Boyfriend’s Family for the First Time…

So, you and your BF have been going out, you’re enjoying being together and having fun, everything is going quite nicely, when he brings up meeting his family. Well, you knew it had to happen someday, right? But if you’re stressing out, don’t worry, we’ve got some tips for you!     Tagged: boyfriend / […]