Entourage 101: What Does the Best Man Do?

Let’s be honest. When it comes to the entourage, we are all over our maids of honor and our bridesmaids. We know what we want to do with them (wedding planning, of course!) and what to expect from them (bridal shower!). And we pretty much leave the best man and the groomsmen in the hands of our fiancés. But do you actually know what a best man is supposed to do (aside from providing moral support)? Does your fiancé know what a best man’s duties consist of? Does your best man even know? Well, fret not, ’cause we’ve got a simple checklist you can pass on to your best man.


1. He is the groom’s personal aide and advisor.

That’s the general job description. So if all else fails and the best man forgets everything else, all he has to do is just make sure the groom has everything he needs. #support!

Photo: Air Balloon Project | Wedding: Picturesque Promises


2. The bachelor party

There’s really only one rule when it comes to the bachelor party: Make it fun.


3. The suit fitting

Yup, men need second opinions on their clothes too! Well, unless the groom says he wants to do it on his own–then the best man’s off the hook.


4. The head of the groom tribe (yes, we’re making that a thing)

With the title of “best man,” comes great responsibility. That means doing things like making sure all the groomsmen are aware (and actually show up) to the rehearsal dinner, helping out of town groomsmen with their travel accommodations (unless already taken care of), and making sure the groomsmen are ready and on time on the day itself. Psssh, piece of cake… right?


5. Help the groom get dressed

If the groom’s hands are shaking with nerves, then the best man will have to take over. He better brush up on those tie knotting skills!

Photo: I Thee Wed | Wedding: Vividly Vintage


6. Make sure the groom doesn’t get drunk on the big day

If the groom shows up to the ceremony wasted, it’s on the best man. On the day of wedding, the best man is the official guardian of the groom. He makes sure the groom doesn’t have access to too much alcohol before the ceremony, keeps an eye on the groom’s intake during the reception, while also making sure he doesn’t get too buzzed during the reception!


7. Collect and distribute payments

No, those payments aren’t for the best man (as much as he might want them)! They’re for tips and any last minute fees. The groom has enough on his hands during the big day, so it’s the best man who’ll be stepping up to the plate. He’ll have to talk to the groom about this beforehand (if it’s expected of him), so he won’t be too overwhelmed on the day of the wedding.


8. Drive the groom to the church/venue

Or at least accompany the groom (if he insists on driving). But remember, it’s the best man’s job to make sure the groom shows up.


9. The ring keeper

There’s a ring bearer and a ring keeper. After the cute ring bearer (sorry, but it’s not the best man, this is usually a kid) walks down the aisle, the rings go to yup, the best man. He, along with the MOH, will be keeping them safe until the bride and groom need it for the ceremony.

Photo: Jeff & Lisa Photography | Wedding: Geometric Gorgeousness


10. Sign the marriage license

Yes, he’s a witness. This is probably one of the easiest things to do. All he has to do is sign!

Photo: Jiggie Alejandrino | Wedding: Love Under The Sun


11. The Speech

That’s right. The Speech. Keep it short (no one wants to sit through a long speech) and lively (we all want to avoid a snooze fest)!


12. The life of the party

As best man, you want the bride and groom to have a memorable and fun day. So when it’s time for the dancing and the games, that means total participation. (Well, okay you can take a breather every once in a while.) No pressure!


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