Wedding Reception Games to Keep Your Guests Laughing and Entertained

No one wants a wedding with a drab reception–that’s probably one of the bride’s worst nightmares! The delicious food, the spectacular decor, and the cool venue won’t do much if you don’t keep your guests entertained. But you don’t have to impress them with over-the-top theatrics or go all out on your wedding entertainment. You can actually have some fun by incorporating a few things and games to keep your guests laughing and the fun going.


For the Cocktail Hour

If you’re worried about the lull during cocktail hour, don’t worry, these two ideas will definitely keep your guests busy!

1. Word search. Make a personalized word search and have your guests looking for words like your names, special things and names that mean something to you, and some trivia. This will definitely keep them busy!

2. Bingo. You can print out your own Bingo cards and replace the numbers with phrases like "Nina's high school classmate" or "Someone who laughed at Enzo's corny jokes." Or if you want it to be just about your guests, you can put details about them instead! This fun game is great for making your guests mingle with each other.

For the Tables

You can also keep your guests entertained while they’re at their tables. Just make sure you give them some pens for these activities!

3. Booklets. Make your booklets fun and interesting! You can title them with things like "What to do on date night" or "Marriage advice." You can even put funny disclaimers like "We won't promise to do everything though," or "Don't hold back."

4. He Said/She Said. This is another fun table activity for your guests. Print out a list of stuff that both you and your spouse have done and put both your names or icons on the side. Your guests will either circle or underline who they think did it. Some examples you can put on the list are "Who said I love you first?" or "Who sang the Backstreet Boys' entire album in the shower?"

5. Mad Libs. Mad Libs are basically fill in the blanks. Make it funny and tell your guests to have fun! The more absurd the words, the better!

6. Coloring books. Coloring isn't just for kids to enjoy--adults can enjoy them too! You can have personalized coloring books made of you and your groom, and even keep the finished products as mementos!

For the Program

Incorporate these games into your program, and you’ll definitely have your guests laughing!

7. Bride/Groom. Give your guests two paddles or sticks with the words bride on one stick and groom on the other (you can also opt to put your faces instead of words). Have a host read out several trivia (e.g. Who made the first move?, Who do you think will wear the pants in this marriage?, etc.) and your guests will lift the stick that indicates who they think did it. You and your spouse can also join in on the fun!

8. Spin the Wheel. Prepare a makeshift wheel with a number of fun dares (e.g. sing a love song for the newlyweds to the tune of Old MacDonald Had A Farm, reenact one of the couple's funniest or cheesiest moments, etc.) that your guests will have to do. Design the dares to be really funny to keep the laughter going!

9. Guess your spouse. All you'll need for this game is a blindfold. Choose one spouse to be blindfolded, grab a few guests to act as decoys, and place the non-blindfolded spouse amidst the decoy "spouses". The blindfolded spouse will have to guess his/her spouse by hand or face only. You can play this game twice so that you'll both have a turn!

10. Table dance-off. Here's one game that will definitely involve all of your guests. Assign a song to every table (you can put individual cards on your guests places or place a big sign in the centerpiece), then have the host explain that when their song plays, they must all get up and dance. You and your groom can judge which table boogied best!

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