Celebrity Wedding: Hillary Duff

It’s Monday again! Some dread it, some love it. I of course, the latter. I love Mondays, because it means I get to write again. This particular post is quite special. One because I write to you from an international location (quick confession: I’m in Shanghai!). Secondly, to go with the theme of “international”, why not bring you an international bride? Before that, another confession please. Growing up, I loved watching Lizzie Maguire, so yes, I love Hillary Duff. And my golly gungeroos! Her gown is simply BREATH TAKING!!! It’s literally a masterpiece. Nothing could go wrong if you mix Vera Wang with some blush-colored deconstructed fabric. It’s young-looking, elegant and everything pretty. Oh and another thing… I LOVE THE CAKE. Congratulations Lizzie, you are one gorgeous bride.

Bridesmaid dresses are also from Vera Wang.

Source: OK! Magazine

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  1. Wow… LOVE the gown!! Absolute perfection. Sigh… ‘Til when are you going to be in Shanghai? I’m flying there Thursday!

  2. Wow, thanks for posting this, Janna. Hilary Duff looked so beautiful! Her gown was so elegant and not over-the-top. The theme of the bridemaid colors are fantastic too. Garden weddings are the best! 🙂

  3. Janna, I love reading your articles. I even love the pics that go with ’em. You have such good eye for fashion, beauty, and sophistication. You’re a true advocate of feminism and love. Congratulations.

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